PAIR (2x) Autotain EDGE-X 10 inch Active Headrest Monitor DVD Players (+Headphones)

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The EDGE-X is shocking parents with ease of install and quality of picture!


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Autotain EDGE in 3 Models Headrest DVD Players10 inch Active Headrest Monitor DVD Player Autotain Edge10 inch Active Headrest Monitor DVD Player Autotain Edge10 inch Active Headrest Monitor DVD Player Autotain Edge10 inch Active Headrest Monitor DVD Player Autotain Edge10 inch Active Headrest Monitor DVD Player Autotain Edge10 inch Active Headrest Monitor DVD Player Autotain Edge10 inch Active Headrest Monitor DVD Player Autotain Edge


May your next family vacation be Epic with your brand new AUTOTAIN EDGE massive 10.1” active headrest clamp on headrest monitor DVD players with 1080p compatible high definition TFT screen that blows the others off the road.

Professionally engineered for the quickest install in town and the option to give you that factory look install hiding all wires under the seats or the on-the-go install which you can do on your own within minutes.

Only the Autotain EDGE includes the newest and greatest video circuitry enabling you to finally be able to ENJOY your backseat entertainment in the most advanced 1080p high definition format.  That’s right, save your MP4, AVI, DIVX or other video files in 1080p, sit back in your seat and enjoy the theater like experience on the go.  Who knew driving to grandma’s house could be so entertaining?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Other models may be 1024×600 resolution but NOT 1080p compatible.
The Autotain EDGE is BOTH 1024×600 and 1080p compatible and why we rank it as THE BEST PICTURE AVAILABLE!

Enjoy your new AUTOTAIN EDGE headrest monitor DVD players both in the car AND in your home.  Quickly and easily remove the EDGE from the headrest bracket in seconds with the twist of a screw and with our INCLUDED home power supply cable you can now enjoy these bad boys anywhere you can find a power outlet.

We felt that a product with such high quality only deserves the best when it comes to wireless IR headphones.  Therefore we’re throwing in as a MAJOR BONUS 2 of our AUTOTAIN CLOUD kid size dual channel wireless headphones for “no extra charge”.  Claimed to be the “Most Comfortable” IR wireless headphones on the planet.

  • Yes, you can watch 1 DVD on both units using the included and easy to hide RCA a/v input and output cables.
  • Yes, you can watch 2 DVD’s at the same time (1 on each unit) without any interference in audio or video.
  • Yes, You can resume in the last position you left off when you re-power on the DVD players.
  • Yes, you can sit in the middle of the vehicle and see either screen with great quality due to the advanced TFT screens.
  • Yes, you can connect external devices to the input or output cables and have them become a master or a slave to your EDGE DVD players.

Is this your first headrest DVD player install rodeo?  No worries, it’s not our first rodeo.  We’ve been selling headrest DVD players to happy families just like yours for nearly a decade and plan on continuing our family business for another decade or more.  To help you with your install worries, we have you covered with our BIG BONUS how to install and enjoy VIDEOS that we throw in for no extra charge.  Your piece of mind when it comes to headrest DVD players is our priority.

EXPAND YOUR ENTERTAINMENT REACH TO A DEGREE OF UNLIMITED POTENTIAL with the HDMI port.  Connect your smart phone, tablet, iPad, iPhone or virtually any other wireless smart device using an MHL to HDMI cable (not included due to variety) and instantly view whatever is on your smart device screen on the AUTOTAIN EDGE big screen.  Stream movies, play your favorite video games, listen to music in peace with the wireless Autotain Cloud IR headphones.

GO WIRELESS by adding an Android dongle, Chrome Cast or other WIFI enabled HDMI dongles.   Then WIRELESSLY connect your smart device using WIFI technology and screen mirroring.  Most WIFI dongles may be Miracast and Airplay compatible.  Not sure which Android dongle to buy for your headrest DVD players, allow OnFair to show you how.  /HDMI

We could go on and on why the AUTOTAIN EDGE should win the blue ribbon for best headrest DVD player of 2017 but take a look for yourself and we’re confident you’ll be convinced there’s nothing else like your brand new AUTOTAIN EDGE headrest monitor DVD players.

Autotain EDGE Features:

  • 10.1” MASSIVE TFT high definition LCD 1024×600 monitor
  • 1080p advanced video chipset compatibility
  • 2x region free + region enhanced DVD players (YES 2 units one DVD layer in each unit)
  • HDMI input for wired or wireless smart device connectivity
  • USB / SD slot for up to 32GB of digital video and audio files
  • HIGH COMPRESSION quick install mounting brackets to fit vehicle posts 3.5” to 8” apart
  • Wireless IR infrared transmitter (2 channel) for wireless IR headphones
  • Wireless FM transmitter for connecting wirelessly to your vehicles speakers
  • Easy / small finger friendly navigate
  • 2 RCA audio/video inputs – 1 under the seats, 1 external using 3.5mm to RCA cable (3.5mm cable not included).
  • 2 RCA audio/video outputs – 1 under the seats, 1 external using 3.5mm to RCA cable (3.5mm cable not included).
  • Powerful built-in speakers that automatically turn off when in IR or FM mode
  • 2 all-in-one universal remote control / video game remote
  • 2 player 2 game controller
  • 2 video game discs (32bit)
  • Wired jack for wired headphones
  • Home power supply for enjoyment wherever you go outside the car and power
  • 2x Autotain CLOUD kid size, most comfortable wireless dual IR channel headphones
  • How to install and how to enjoy instructional VIDEOS hosted by the master of headrest DVD players and OnFair CEO Brandon
  • 2x cigarette lighter power cables for quick and easy install within minutes
  • 2x fuse box cables to run through the seats and directly to the fuse box keeping those wires out of sight.

*NOTE: Smart phone in photo not included….obviously.

Your piece of mind when it comes to choosing the best headrest DVD player for your family needs is our priority at OnFair!

11 reviews for PAIR (2x) Autotain EDGE-X 10 inch Active Headrest Monitor DVD Players (+Headphones)

  1. Avatar
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Cody V


    I’ve had a set of these in our Denali for over a year now. I can say, without any hesitation, that these are the best thing EVER! I dump full 1080p videos onto thumb drives and these players play whatever I throw at them, in amazing quality! We have had ZERO problems, technical issues, hiccups or quality issues with these screens. They’re built like a tank! My little 2 year old son gets excited every time I hit the little red lit button! haha I recommend these bad boys to every one I know! They are SO EASY to install and the user interface is so easy a child can use it. The fact that these will play virtually any file format known to man, is fantastic, and any media you can find, except for a VHS tape! haha You can absolutely not go wrong with these. You can thank me later.?

    Cody V

  2. Avatar
    Rated 5 out of 5



    I got the Edge dual 10″ and though it hasn’t been a full month of owning them, so far so good. I like how easy it is to install and remove the monitors with the the headrest compression clips. If it’s really cold at night I remove the monitors and bring them inside. Overall my 2yo and 4yo boys love them and like doing the touch screen themselves. Well worth the money spent working out just as we had hoped.


  3. Avatar
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Lionel Paro

    Haven’t had them very long but the grandkids love them.

    Lionel Paro

  4. Avatar
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Ronald McCann

    10.1 Autotain Edge works great, however the game controllers just so happen to be on the same frequency as my tire pressure indicator. while the kids are playing my instrument panel goes crazy; all kinds of notifications that my tires are dangerously outside the realm of normal.

    Ronald McCann

  5. Avatar
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Nemiah Moore


    I installed these in our 2016 Honda Odyssey. They look great and fit well. I fed the wires through the seats and it was a very clean install. Pros: – Price point – Responsive touch screen – Nice picture – HDMI, USB, SD card (mp4 plays great – Install flexibility (temporary or more permanent) Cons: – Feed thru video only works for DVD. It would be nice to have capability to have same video on both screens when using one unit’s HDMI, USB or SD card – picture looks slightly stretched width wise The kids like the games that came with the units. The games are not very good but it keeps them entertained.

    Nemiah Moore

  6. Avatar
    Rated 4 out of 5

    Susan D


    I love them but one of the game controllers button sticks not happy with that what do I need to do

    Susan D

  7. Avatar
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Lonnie S


    Family vacation from Indiana to Florida, then Florida to Virginia Beach and on home to Indiana, these dvd players were awesome to have to keep our two granddaugthers intertained each of our long 10 hour days being on the road in the car.

    Lonnie S

  8. Avatar
    Rated 4 out of 5

    Joseph P


    Systems are awesome, Kids love them and are easy to use. Video quality is great, sound is great. Suggestion to fix or add to next version. Set systems up for firmware update. / Allow for more than 32GB SD or USB. / Start USB and SD video where it left off where video is paused and device is turned off. (DVD does this but not mp4 videos) / Games are not that good and kids didn’t care for them (give a way to add more games) / on Remote control, put a A and B switch (someone in right hand seat accidentally changes person in left hand seats DVD or Video) / DVD are not easy to take out if you have large hands. I have to leave a popsicle stick with DVD’s to pop them out. / Speakers on the front rather than back. (louder for front seat people than back seat people) with all that i would still recommend these, everything i listed is things I can live with. But wish I knew prior to purchase.

    Joseph P

  9. Avatar
    Rated 4 out of 5



    Great fit


  10. Avatar
    Rated 5 out of 5



    just what we wanted


  11. Avatar
    Rated 4 out of 5



    Great product


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